The rebirth, which letterpress is currently undergoing, is one of the most important trends in the design domain.
Letterpress prints are sought-after by various enthusiasts who value the quality of manual craft, time-intensive process attributed to the oldest form of print and the combination of timeless artistry and the possibilities of modern design.

The technique

The increasing popularity of letterpress has its origins in the 80s when it became easy to use polymer plates in the process of the print.
This change has combined the 600-year old tradition of letterpress with contemporary techniques of graphic design and made it possible to quickly transfer digital designs to the template used to press them onto cotton papers on traditional machines. Each design is pressed by hand and requires gradual adding of each layer with care for every detail.

Final effect

During the process of the print, we use various papers made out of cotton, depending on the attributes of each design.
Usually, we use Lettra Crane paper, which has been created in 2005 in order to enhance the specific qualities of letterpress printing. It results with designs, characterized by uniquely expressive print and more vibrant colors than ever.

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