In order to fully enhance the attractiveness of our works, we use high-quality frames made of noble woods by Albor in Italy.
We offer frames in three different colors: black, white and brown. Each of them has a matte finish and is ideally combined with our papers made of cotton as well as with passe-partout which is made of papers from the same family.


The beauty of designs printed with letterpress is mainly due to the luxury papers made of cotton, which are specifically designed to enhance the qualities of this technique.
Depending on the character of the design, we use in our workshop either Lettra Crane 300g or Gmund 300g. These papers are very soft in touch with fluffy structures, which are at the same time strong enough to absorb the paint and the pressure, which comes from the manual press.


While framing our designs, we use high-quality museum glass, which makes it look as if there was no glass at all and makes it possible to see every detail and the depth of the pressed design.
We chose the German glass Nielsen 60UV. It is a glass, which doesn’t reflect light and makes it possible to see the depth of letterpress printing, each time of the day. It also guarantees years-long guarantee.

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