About us

Le Coton Press is a letterpress studio, dedicated to manual printing of artistic designs with a unique technique – Letterpress.
We would like to participate in the re-emergence of letterpress and its growing role in the world of design, by creating a gallery of minimalistic prints, which will breathe new life into extraordinary 600-year old tradition.
All of our prints are manually printed on classical, typographical machines, which press the design onto papers made of cotton, which allows for the depth and expressiveness of the print, impossible to achieve with any other technique.
Letterpress, also called “Slow printing”, is a craft which requires a lot of care and patience, therefore we direct our works to those who value manual labour, authentic character of the print and combination of timeless artistry with the possibilities of modern design.
We offer artworks, which were created by Polish and foreign artists who took into consideration the specific attributes of letterpress and designed them to fully express the natural character of this technique. Aside from the works in our gallery, we also create individual projects. All of our art prints are framed in high-quality Italian frames and secured with museum glass, which doesn’t reflect light and makes it possible to see the depth of letterpress printing, each time of the day.

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